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Mechanical Engineering Technology Bachelor’s Degree

Built on a strong foundation of science, mathematics and practical courses, students learn concepts in the Mechanical Engineering Technology program that can be directly applied to product design and manufacturing in all types of industry. You will focus on technical graphics with computer-aided drafting, material strength and testing, computer numerical control, economics, quality control and machine design.


5,000-Square-Feet of Creative Space

Your ideas equal reality in our design/build laboratory. Mechanical engineering technology students have an all access pass to 5,000-square-feet of creative space where concepts are designed, prototyped and tested. Use such technology as 3-D printers, a CNC vertical machining center and an industrial robotic arm and automation cell.

Hands-on Education and Contemporary Curriculum

In an industry that relies on you for solutions, mechanical engineering technology students must have the opportunity to test theories and experiment on ideas. Our program thrives on project-based education ¬– a modern way of learning that builds communication and project management skills. Students also receive an interactive experience in our design/build lab while using industry-relevant equipment and mastering process and procedures.

Learn From Industry-Experienced Professors

As a student in mechanical engineering technology, you will learn directly from experienced industry professionals, not teaching assistants. Your education is relevant to current trends and technology because the insight and instruction you are given comes from personal experience.

Challenge Yourself at National Competitions

Having the experience of competing nationally against your peers allows you to be challenged in new ways while giving you the opportunity to apply your knowledge and skills from the MET program. Students at K-State Polytechnic recently competed against other U.S. colleges in the “Mark48”, an invent-a-thon filmed for television. They traveled to Baltimore, Maryland where they had 48 hours to plan, prototype and pitch a product idea. Baja SAE is another creative competition students have participated in, requiring the designing, building and racing of a Baja car.

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